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“The greatest legends are all shrouded in ambiguity …  People are simply more inclined to build up in their own minds that which they cannot see or which have multiple incarnations.  Look at how they fear the Devil and revere God.  With mystery comes colossal power and that power will be mine.  In a thousand years, they’ll worship me and each will have a unique vision … and each vision will be grander than the last and I will live in their minds forever.” ~ Suzuka, Yu Yu Hakusho

My name is Marushia Dark.  I chose the name as a pseudonym long ago.  I won’t tell you where the name comes from, but I will say I chose it with a very specific intention.  If my own name doesn’t withstand the tests of time, then at least my pseudonym will.

Darkness is the absence of light, a veil or shroud that covers truth.  Paradoxically, there is nothing humans fear or love more than the unknown.

Case in point, I myself have taken great pains to try to disguise my own identity on this blog.  Except for those few persons I know in the real world, whom I’ve directed to this site, virtually no one knows who I am at the time of my writing this.  And that’s by design.

Some of you may see the name “Marushia” and think that you’ve heard it was a female Hungarian name, so I must be a Hungarian woman.  Others may notice how I talk a great deal about America, so I must be an American.  Still others notice my use of lots of Biblical quotes and must be thinking that I’m a Christian.  Perhaps even a few of you Lie to Me fans have employed deconstructive methods of determining my gender based on my diction and syntax.  That’s perfectly fine by me.  You can have your theories and defend them yourselves.  After all, I wouldn’t want to deprive you of an opportunity to think for yourselves.

As I said in my second post, you probably cannot tell much about where I live or what I look like just from reading my website, and I’d like to keep it that way for as long as I can.

The reason for this anonymity is not that I’m trying to hide anything out of shame or fear or malicious intent.  If my true identity leaks, then so be it, who cares.  Maybe it’ll make it easier for people to relate to me.

But I do it because who I am should matter less than the message I am presenting.  All that you can tell about me, hopefully, are the things that really matter, which are the things that have always and will always matter to human beings throughout all time.  We see color, gender, race, age, occupation, and class and thus realize a difference between us.  But to shroud such information in darkness, I could really be anyone, now couldn’t I?  It’s why they never revealed the protagonist’s face in V for Vendetta, because who he was didn’t matter, so much as what he did.  Thus, by employing a little deception, I am actually forging a bond of oneness.

I believe that all the wisdom and truth that one could possibly hope to learn has already been written about exhaustively.  I believe that every unique idea, every unique story has already been shared with someone somewhere already, and that it’s probably much older than we believe.  How could we believe otherwise in a closed, finite universe?  And if the universe isn’t closed or finite, then we’ve only just begun to realize our potential as human beings.

We as humans are all forged from the same material, the same genes, the same frequencies of energy.  I believe that creativity and uniqueness come from simply rediscovering permutations of said material and then burying them under layers upon layers of complexity and variation of theme.

This is why the great works are what they are and why they survive the test of time.  They are truly timeless because they can be interpreted in many different ways, under many different paradigms.  Depending on who you are at any given point, you will either choose to accept or reject what is presented to you and I hope that my own works become the same way.  That’s why I chose to call my collected works “The Darkness Files,” because my story is one that I hope will live on long after I cease to do so, surviving as a result of its layers upon layers of mystery and timeless wisdom.

My only consolation, my only purpose in life, is to try to leave this world in better shape than when I found it and hope that others do the same.

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