“You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all the people all the time.” ~ Not Abraham Lincoln

Warning: My site most definitely contains stuff that at least more than one person will find objectionable because it doesn’t matter what you do, there will always be some asshole who doesn’t like what you’re doing.  If you don’t like harsh language, then fuck off!

No one’s forcing you to be here.  It’s my website, ok?

I’m not a doctor, lawyer, tax expert, dentist, personal trainer, psychiatrist, pharmacist, mechanic, engineer, or any of a whole host of other occupational titles of “authority” that other so-called “authorities” would try to pigeon-hole me into, so don’t quote me on anything I say if you’re expecting some sort of legal remedy for your problems.  It’s sad that our society is such that we have to put up shit like this just to exercise our most basic rights to freedom of speech because some people are too stupid to realize that the only real authority that exists is themselves … and Bono God.

You’re all grown-ups.  No one is twisting your arm to do anything you don’t wanna do (at least I’m not).  If you read something on here and decide for yourself that it sounds like a good idea and you get hurt as a result, it’s your own damned fault!

Don’t come crying to me because you skinned your knee after I told you you’re free to go play on the playground.  If there’s something I say on here that you think could get you into serious trouble, then do the sensible thing and DON’T FUCKING DO IT!

No one is perfect.  We’re all flawed human beings and I hold no special exceptions to that.  We all have lessons to learn and ways in which we can improve, myself included.

You’re the God of your own universe, the highest authority in your own life, free to make up your own mind about things and you shouldn’t let anyone push you around or tell you to do something that you don’t believe is right or that you don’t wanna do.  As long as you don’t go around hurting anyone on purpose, you’re free to do what you want and I don’t care who tells you otherwise.

If you sue me over something I said after reading this, then you’re a fucking retard and you need to go fuck yourself!

(No offense to any retarded people who may be having this read to them and wondering what I’m talking about by proxy.)

Incidentally, if you can read this incredibly small type, then you have my permission to copy and redistribute the contents of this disclaimer free of charge without fear of repercussions on my part to whomever, where ever you want, just as long as you say it was from me and make a reasonable effort to my direct readers to my website to boost my influence (which I won’t be checking to see if you did it or not because how the fuck am I supposed to know if you made any reasonable effort, right?).  Keeping in mind that whatever happens as a result of you reposting this somewhere is your own damned fault and I am released of any liability because I really don’t like paying money that I don’t have to assholes that don’t give a fuck about me and aren’t smart enough to realize that this is meant to be in good fun.

One Response to “Indemnification”

  1. You have confirmed so many truths and realizations ive been having the past few months. Where are you i dont see new posts.. i need more! Ive never found so much truth on one website, even more than the vegan truth which is a huge deal to me. I hope nothing happened.. id love to ask you questios if i could email you.. i hope your okay and hope i hear back from you im ecstatic

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